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The First Doctor

Played by: William Hartnell 1963-1966

Biography: The one that started it all. He was first identified as a mysterious old man living in a blue police telephone box with his granddaughter.  Not much is known about him first, but what he is is an ageless being called a Time Lord. He wanders throughout time and space righting wrongs and avoiding danger.

Personality: Stubborn mostly, but a pure genius when it comes to dangerous situations like escaping the wrath of his most deadly enemies of all, The Daleks. Is a good grandfather to his granddaughter, Susan. Always gets Ian’s last name wrong, ex: Chatterton, Chesterfield, Chesterson. Never one for hard labor.

Opening title sequence.

Tribute with clips and theme.

Whenever a Time Lord dies, he undergoes a process called Regeneration. The cells in his body causes him to reincarnate into a different person. A Time Lord has only thirteen lives.

Regeneration scene from The Tenth Planet.

The Second Doctor

Played by: Patrick Troughton 1966-1969

Biography: Known as The Cosmic Hobo. The second incarnation of The Doctor. Shares the same smarts and experiences. Often found wearing a stove pipe hat or playing a tune on his recorder.

Personality: Silly, always poking his nose into matters. Once he starts playing his recorder, he never stops.

Title sequence.


Regeneration from The War Games

The Third Doctor

Played by: Jon Pertwee 1970-1974

Biography: Exiled to earth by the Time Lords, he finds refuge as the scientific adviser working for UNIT, The United Nations Intelligence Task force. He assists them by solving cases that go beyond their world. Owns a canary yellow motorcar named Bessie. A master of the art of Venusian karate.

Personality: Intelligent, serious, tries to put up with the incompetence of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Always looks out for his assistants.

Title sequence

Second title sequence from season 11


Regeneration from Planet of the Spiders

The Fourth Doctor

Played by: Tom Baker 1974-1981

Biography: The longest running doctor. Travels to more that 30 worlds and faces foes from Daleks to Cybermen to Sontarrans.

Personality: Whimsical, hard to understand. Favorite snacks are jelly babies. Wears a freakishly long scarf.


Second title from season 18


Regeneration from Logopolis

The Fifth Doctor

Played by: Peter Davison 1982-1984

Biography: First of the youngest incarnations.

Personality: Boyish, master cricket player.



Resurrection from The Caves of Androzani

The Sixth Doctor

Played by: Colin Baker 1984-1986

Biography: Sixth incarnation better than the last but same as the rest.

Personality: Wears a patched rainbow coat, deals with the biggest trial of his life.



Regeneration from Time and The Rani

The Seventh Doctor

Played by: Sylvester McCoy 1987-1989

Biography: Last doctor of the classic series before it was cancelled.

Personality: Wears a hat, a pullover, and carries an umbrella with a question mark.



The Eighth Doctor

Played by: Paul McGann 1996

Biography: Arrived in San Francisco on the eve of the new millennium. Only appeared in the TV movie.

Personality: First doctor in love.




The War Doctor Played by: John Hurt

Biography: The forgotten dark incarnation of The Doctor who went against everything he believed in. Was around during The Time War and inadvertently caused the destruction of both sides including his whole race leaving two words: “No more.”

Personality: As old and dry as his sins he’s committed.



The Ninth Doctor

Played by: Christopher Eccleston 2005

Biography: Before the new series, there was The Great Time War, The Time Lords vs. The Daleks fighting for the whole of creation. In the end, both factions were destroyed along with their worlds, leaving The Doctor the last of his kind.

Personality: After the war, he fell into a deep depression, until he met Rose. The two of them started a whole new journey, one that will discover that his arch enemies can never be truly gone.



Regeneration from The Parting of the Ways