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The Curse of Peladon

Air: Jan 29 1972. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands in Peladon where a group of delegates from the federation are gathering to invite Peladon into the federation. However, they are being haunted by the spirit of an ancient beast, Aggedor. Can The Doctor solve this mystery and find the true culprit?

The Sea Devils

Air: Feb 26 1972. 6 eps.

The Doctor and Jo visit The Master doing time in prison. Meanwhile, underwater reptilian creatures are attacking navy ships. It’s The Sea Devils planning on returning to the surface. The Doctor tries to convince them that they don’t have to destroy humanity but The Master says they do, which one should they believe?

The Mutants

Air: April 8 1972. 6 eps.

The Doctor is sent to deliver a mysterious package at a space station run by men keeping the planet Solos in custody. There the people of Solos are undergoing strange mutations. The marshal of the overlords plans on eliminating the Solonians because of their monstrous appearances. Can The Doctor figure out the meaning of their mutations?

The Time Monster

Air: May 20 1972. 6 eps.

The Master has acquired an ancient crystal which he uses to summon the very chronovore that destroyed Atlantis, Kronos. With Kronos, he has the power to control the very aspects of time itself. Can The Doctor find a way to beat him at his own game?

The Three Doctors

Air: Dec 30 1972. 4 eps.

Anti-matter creatures are invading both the earth and Galifrey. The Time Lords have no choice but to enlist the aid of two of The Doctor’s previous incarnations. Can two of the same Time Lord figure out the cause of this anti-matter outbreak?

Carnival of Monsters

Air: Jan 27 1973. 4 eps.

The Doctor, finally free from exile lands the Tardis on a cruise ship, which suddenly comes face to face with a live plesiosaurus. The Doctor and Jo realize that they are all inside a miniscope machine owned by two showpeople. Can The Doctor help the captive people escape from this alien peep-show?

Frontier in Space

Air: Feb 24 1973. 6 eps.

The Doctor and Jo are arrested for suspected sabotage in a war between the humans and the Draconians. They soon discover that The Master has been manipulating the two races against each other. Can The Doctor warn them in time?

Planet of The Daleks

Air: April 7 1973. 6 eps.

The Tardis lands suddenly on the planet Spiridon, where The Daleks are experimenting in the invisibility abilities from the Spiridons. They are also amassing a massive fleet of Daleks. Can The Doctor with his old friends the Thals find a way to stop their schemes?

The Green Death

Air: May 19 1973. 6 eps.

UNIT investigates mysterious deaths at a mine. The Doctor realizes there’s a toxic radiation leak that’s spawning giant mutant maggots. The cause is a company run by an evil supercomputer, BOSS. Can The Doctor shut down this computer and exterminate this giant pest problem? Jo leaves.

Doctor Who - Story #069: The Green Death: Special Edition

The Time Warrior

Air: Dec 15 1973. 4 eps.

An alien spacecraft crashes on earth in the middle ages and from it a Sontarran warrior lends the inhabitants futuristic weapons in exchange for repairs to his ship. Can The Doctor with his new friend Sarah Jane stop this fiend from interfering with history?