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Spearhead from Space

Air: Jan 3 1970. 4 eps

The Doctor has been through a forced change and exiled to earth by his own people and what’s worse, he can’t work the Tardis anymore. Lost and confused, he wanders to a hospital where he meets his old friend Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. He and his branch are investigating strange meteorites made entirely of plastic. Later they hear reports of window shop dummies coming to life and attacking people. This is the work of The Autons, living plastic aliens sent to dominate humanity. Can The Doctor with his new body manage to defend the earth once again?

Doctor Who and The Silurians

Air: Jan 31 1970. 7 eps.

UNIT along with The Doctor has been called over to investigate strange attacks in an underground cavern. He soon discovers that The Silurians, reptilian ancestors of man have been plotting to reclaim their world from the humans. They soon unleash a deadly plague onto the city. Can The Doctor find a cure for this epidemic and come to a peaceful agreement with these lizard people?

The Ambassadors of Death

Air: March 21 1970. 7 eps.

UNIT has been assigned to solve the mystery surrounding Mars probe 7, a spacecraft orbiting around Mars that has stopped responding. They soon discover that the astronauts have gone missing. Soon strange beings in astronaut suits are committing murders with their deadly touch. The Doctor thinks there’s a conspiracy going on that involves the missing astronauts and these deadly aliens.


Air: May 9 1970. 7 eps.

UNIT has been assigned to oversee the production of a project called The Inferno, a massive drilling machine delving into the earth’s crust and retrieving a special substance. Unfortunately, this substance, if came in contact, turns anyone into savage, overheating Primords. After a disastrous experiment gone wrong with the Tardis’ console, The Doctor finds himself in a parallel world like his own. There the UNIT branch is cold-hearted and working on the same experiment as the one in his world. Once the experiment goes awry, can The Doctor make the right choice, to save this world, or to abandon this one and save his own? Liz leaves.

Terror of The Autons

 Air: Jan 2 1971. 4 eps.

Someone sinister and diabolical has arrived on earth, The Master, a time lord just like The Doctor except he has allied himself with The Autons to wipe out the human race. Can The Doctor beat him at his own game?

The Mind of Evil

 Air: Jan 30 1971. 6 eps.

The Master’s up to his old tricks again. He takes over a prison and plans on using an alien machine that brings people’s fears to life to ruin a peace conference in order to start a world war. Can The Doctor foil his plans?

Doctor Who - Story #056: The Mind of Evil

The Claws of Axos

 Air: March 13 1971. 4 eps.

A UFO has landed in England bringing seemingly friendly aliens called The Axons, they have come providing an energy source called axonite which is promised to solve all the earth’s problems. But The Doctor later discovers that The Master has conspired with Axos, which are really space vampires who intend to drain the life out of the entire world. Can The Doctor and The Master form an unlikely allience to stop these devils in disguise?

Colony in Space

 Air: April 10 1971. 6 eps.

The Time Lords have gotten wind of The Master’s schemes on the planet Uxarieus so they decide to let The Doctor stop him. The Doctor was still trying to fix the Tardis when it suddenly springs back to life. The Doctor takes Jo to an alien world she’s never seen before. There they find a feud between two worker factions, one of them is being used by The Master to uncover a doomsday weapon. Can The Doctor prevent him from reaching the most dangerous weapon in the Universe?

The Daemons

 Air: May 22 1971. 5 eps.

This time, The Master has summoned a Daemon from another world named Azal. He plans on convincing him to give him his power. Can The Doctor stop The Master from using this devil for his own purpose?

Day of The Daleks

Air: Jan 1 1972. 4 eps.

UNIT has been sent to safeguard a peace conference. When suddenly guerrillas from a parallel world have come to assassinate a certain man. Where they come from is a time where the earth was ruined by a world war and The Daleks have taken over, they have traveled to this time to assassinate the very man that started the world war. Can The Doctor prevent his old foes from exterminating him?