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Love and Monsters

Air: June 17 2006.

A team of Doctor spotters has been brought together to collect intel on The Doctor, who he is and his whereabouts. A mysterious man steps in and takes control of the hunt. One of them finds out he’s an alien called The Abzorbaloff who wants to feed on The Doctor. Can Elton escape from him?

Fear her

Air: June 24 2006.

The Doctor arrives at the time of the 2012 summer Olympics where a lonely girl is actually capturing people in drawings. She is possessed by an Isolus whose ship has died. Can Rose figure out a way to bring The Doctor off the page?

Army of Ghosts

Air: July 1 2006.

When The Doctor and Rose return home, they see everyone talking and socializing with shadowy ghosts. They learn that Torchwood, Her Majesty’s secret organization has found a way to bring ghosts from the other side of the Cardiff rift. But they soon discover that these ghosts aren’t ghosts at all, but Cybermen. Can The Doctor send them back to the other side, or is there something even worse that’s coming?


Air: July 8 2006.

The Cult of Skaro, four Daleks who were subordinates to the emperor have entered through the rift carrying The Genesis Ark, a time lord prison containing Daleks by the dozens. And what’s different is for the first time, The Daleks and The Cybermen meet and dish it out with each other. Can The Doctor find a way to dispose all of his enemies at once, even at the cost of Rose?

The Runaway Bride

 Air: Dec 25 2006.

A bride suddenly pops up out of nowhere in the Tardis. She is Donna Noble, a bride-to-be who is unknowingly being used by The Racnoss queen as a key to awaken her children from the earth’s core. Can The Doctor save her from this arachnid anarchist?

Smith and Jones

Air: March 31 2007.

A local hospital is suddenly transported to the moon by The Judoon, galactic policemen hunting for a wanted criminal in the hospital. The Doctor meets Martha Jones, a doctor. Can they find the criminal before The Judoon ransack the place?

The Shakespeare Code

 Air: April 7 2007.

The Doctor takes Martha to 1599 England to The Globe Theatre where Wiliam Shakespeare rules the stage. A group of witches who are really Carrionites plan to use his newest play, “Love’s Labour’s Won” to bring their kind into this world. Can The Doctor think up the right words to expel these hags away?


Air: April 14 2007.

The Doctor returns to New Earth and arrives at New New York. The place is deserted because of everyone traveling on the mega-long motorway. But below the motorway lies a swarm of giant crabs, Macra. Can The Doctor liberate all the roadtripers?

Daleks in Manhattan

Air: April 21 2007.

The Doctor arrives at New York City during The Great Depression. He learns that a company is conspiring with The Cult of Skaro into experimenting on new ways to enhance the Dalek way of life. Can The Doctor stop them from getting any weirder?×04-daleks-in-manhattan

Evolution of The Daleks

 Air: April 28 2007.

Dalek Sec has become the first Dalek-human hybrid. But he soon starts to develop human feelings. The other Daleks turn on him for betraying their cause. Can The Doctor convince them that he is the one who will change their world?