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The Christmas Invasion

Air: Dec 25 2005.

The Newly regenerated Doctor lands on earth during Christmastime. They suddenly receive an invasion by The Sycorax. Can The new Doctor convince them to shove off?

Here’s a funny clip.

New Earth

Air: April 15 2006

The Tardis lands on New Earth, a planet founded by the earthlings after the original earth’s destruction. The hospital is the pride of New Earth, but within lies artificial humans imbued with every disease. Also an old enemy plots for revenge on The Doctor, can he escape without catching anything?

Tooth and Claw

Air: April 22 2006.

The Tardis takes them to 1879 at the Scottish moors. Queen Victoria and others have been captured by enemy conspirators and plan to use a real werewolf to do her in. Can The Doctor tame this wild wolf?

School Reunion

Air: April 29 2006.

While The Doctor investigates a suspicious school where the students never seem to take a break from working hard, he has the pleasure of bumping into his jolly old companion he hasn’t seen in years, Sarah Jane Smith with her pet K9. Can the two of them take down The Krillitanes from draining the students brainpower?

The Girl in the Fireplace

Air: May 6 2006.

The Doctor lands on a seemingly empty satellite with time windows to another period. There he meets a young lady who is Madame De Pompadour and is pursued by clockwork droids to use her brain to complete work on their station. Can The Doctor defend her from these ticking gearheads.

Rise of The Cybermen

Air: May 13 2006.

The Tardis faces an accident and finds itself in a parallel London, where technology is at its highest. Cybus Industries has devised a new way to upgrade the human race, place their brains into strong cybernetic bodies. Unfortunately, the one thing removed from them is emotions making them deadly. Can The Doctor prevent his old foes from returning?

The Age of Steel

Air: May 20 2006.

The Cybermen are on the loose capturing and converting everyone. The Doctor, Rose and Mickey join with Rose’s alternate dad to hide from them. The Cybermen turn on their creator and make them into their Cyber-controller. Can The Doctor shut him down along with the rest of the tin-headed scrapmen?

The Idiot’s Lantern

Air: May 27 2006.

The Tardis lands in 1952 where television is at its prime. An evil living television set is stealing people’s brainwaves along with their faces. Can The Doctor stop it before it steals all the faces of people watching Queen Elizabeth’s coronation?

The Impossible Planet

Air: June 6 2006.

The Tardis arrives on the strange planet of Krop Tor safely orbiting a black hole without getting sucked in. There is a devilishly demonic presence lurking throughout the base while the servants, The Oods become possessed by something or someone. Can the people find out what is causing this madness?

The Satin Pit

Air: June 10 2006.

The Doctor has become stranded at the center of Krop Tor. There he meets The Devil himself imprisoned at the core. Only his body is imprisoned but where is his mind? Can The Doctor figure out a way to save everyone and prevent The Beast from escaping his prison?