Archive for The Sixth Doctor 1984-1986

The Twin Dilemma

Air: March 22 1984. 4 eps.

The new Doctor is recovering from his sudden regeneration but is having unexpected manic tendancies. A giant gastropod has kidnapped two young twin math geniouses to use them to send his eggs scattered across the galaxy. Can The Doctor get back on his feet without hurting someone?

Attack of The Cybermen

Air: Jan 5 1985. 2 eps.

The Doctor uncovers The Cybermen’s plot to use Hally’s Comet to destroy the earth to prevent their planet from being destroyed. They take him to the planet Telos, where The Cryons have been put to slavery. Can The Doctor prevent the tin spacemen from causing another mass mayhem?

Vengeance on Varos

Air: Jan 19 1985. 2 eps.

The Doctor lands on Varos, a planet hosting a show where people are killed and/or tortured for entertainment. The Doctor unintentionally steps in the show and tries to brave through all the dangers. Can he put an end to this murder show?

The Mark of The Rani

Air: Feb 2 1985. 2 eps.

The Doctor arrives in 19th century England where people are falling to a mysterious plague which leaves a certain mark on them. He soon discovers that his nemesis The Master has joined forces with The Rani, an evil Time Lord scientist who’s conducting cruel experiments on humans. Can The Doctor put this gruesome twosome behind bars?

The Two Doctors

Air: Feb 16 1985. 3 eps.

The Second Doctor and his number 1 companion¬†Jamie land on a space station run by a scientist illegally experimenting in time along with two Androgums and two Sontarrans. The Sixth Doctor bumps into him and have a madcap struggle with them in beautiful, sunny Spain. Can two doctors be better than one band of extraterrestrial neer’do wells?


Air: March 9 1985. 2 eps.

The Doctor lands on Karfel, ruled by a mysterious dictator, The Borad. He is in possession of a portal to an eternal pit of time and space called The Timelash. The Doctor teams up with a young writer named Herbert and together can they overthrow this twisted, misshapen sideshow freak?

Revelation of The Daleks

Air: March 23 1985. 2 eps.

The Tardis arrives at a seemingly harmless and peaceful funeral parlor. But deep within lies Davros converting dead bodies into Daleks. Can The Doctor shut down his twisted breeding farm?

The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet

Air: Sept 6 1986. 4 eps.

This is the first chapter of The Trial of a Time Lord saga. The Doctor is suddenly called by his people and put on trial for interfering in the events of history. The one testifying against him is The Valeyard. The first case is about the time when The Doctor lands on the classified planet of Ravalox. The Doctor and Peri discover some clues on the planet that tie to earth. The local tribe is being threatened by a robot, Drathro, whose batteries are running out. Can The Doctor talk fast to get out of this one, and what will the court find him because of this little incident?

The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp

Air: Oct 4 1986. 4 eps.

Throughout the trial The Doctor has been spotting scenes on The Matrix screen that are falsified. The second case portrays The Tardis landing on Thoros Beta where The Mentors including his old enemy Sil is trying to find Kiv a new body for his brain. They also meet a rowdy warlord Yrcanos who is planning on overthrowing The Mentors. Can The Doctor prevent their experiment from taking drastic measures?

The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of The Vervoids

Air: Nov 1 1986. 4 eps.

Saddened at the loss of his companion in the previous case, The Doctor has decided to present his own evidence. He along with a future companion, Mel arrive on The Spaceliner Hyperion III, a seemingly peaceful cruise ship, but deep within the bowels lies pods containing deadly plant-like Vervoids. They go on a rampage murdering the passengers. And what’s worse the ship is on course towards a black hole. Can this be too much for The Doctor to handle?