Archive for The Seventh Doctor 1987-1989

Time and The Rani Air: Sept 7 1987. 4 eps.

The Rani suddenly intercepts the Tardis which causes The Doctor to regenerate. She has captured many of earth’s brilliant minds and The Doctor was the final piece to her collection. She plans on creating a brain that manipulates time. Can The Doctor snap out of his amnesia and stop this lunatic?

Paradise Towers

Air: Oct 5 1987. 4 eps.

The Doctor takes Mel to a resort called Paradise Towers, but once inside, it looks like a desolate deathtrap. The Doctor befriends The Kangs and they tell him that The Caretakers got these cleaner robots patrolling the corridors and snatching up people to be fed to something locked in the basement. Can The Doctor liberate the prisoners of this residential jungle?

Delta and The Bannermen

Air: Nov 2 1987. 3 eps.

The Doctor meets with a group of aliens on a holiday trip through time. They accidentally land in a holiday camp where a princess is hiding from The Bannermen, enemy soldiers set to assassinate her and conquer her world. Can The Doctor protect her from these sick psychotic soldiers?


Air: Nov 23 1987. 3 eps.

The Doctor arrives at a shopping mall on the frozen planet of Iceworld where he meets a spunky, rowdy girl named Ace. Below Iceworld, a criminal imprisoned is planning on retrieving a treasure of power called The Dragonfire to escape. Can The Doctor find it before he does?

Remembrance of The Daleks

Air: Oct 5 1988. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands at Coal Hill School in 1963, where everything began. He finds soldiers fighting against the trash can people themselves, The Daleks. This time it’s Dalek against Dalek. The Imperial Daleks who serve their emperor and The Renegade Daleks who are against him, and they’re both searching for an artifact The Doctor hid away years ago called The Hand of Omega. Can The Doctor prevent them from reaching it?

The Happiness Patrol

Air: Nov 2 1988. 3 eps.

The Doctor and Ace land on the strangely happy world of Terra Alpha. Where happiness is compulsory and sad people are etched out. Can The Doctor overthrow their happiness enforcing dictator and avoid the deadly sweet wrath of The Kandy Man?

Silver Nemesis

Air: Nov 23 1988. 3 eps.

The Doctor tracks down a fallen meteorite containing The Nemesis Statue, a statue made of living metal called validium, but it has also attracted a deranged sorceress from the 17th century, a fleet of neo-nazis, and worse Cybermen. Each of them have come for the statue for it’s power. Does this look like The Doctor has got his hands full handling all of this?

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Air: Dec 14 1988. 4 eps.

The Doctor is offered to visit a circus on the planet Segonax, The Psychic Circus. But within it, there are deadly killer clowns hosting dangerous evil performances. The Doctor gets caught up with an odd young lady, Mags. What is their purpose and who are their mysterious evil masters?


Air: Sept 6 1989. 4 eps.

The Doctor meets his old friend, The Brigadier, now retired. Knights from a dimension similar to Camelot have arrived and is after Excalibur. Can The Doctor and prince Ancelyn’s knights fend off Queen Morgaine’s forces before she unleashes The Destroyer?

Ghost Light

Air: Oct 4 1989. 3 eps.

The Doctor and Ace arrive at a spooky mansion owned by Josiah Smith. The whole place gives off an eerie presence for underneath it lies a spaceship holding an alien entity, Light in stasis. He crashed on earth while cataloging life here and now that he’s free, he plans to end all evolution and life. Can The Doctor make sense of all the madness?