Archive for The Second Doctor 1966-1969

The Enemy of the World

Air: Dec 23 1967. 6 eps, All found..

After the Tardis lands in Australia, they are hunted by people who mistake The Doctor to be a dictator known as Ramon Salamander. It turns out he looks identical to him. Two people try to convince him to impersonate him to show that he is using natural disasters for world domination. Can he do it to bring him down?

The Web of Fear

Air: Feb 3 1968. 6 eps, Ep. 3 lost.

The Tardis gets caught in a force of some sort and placed in the subway tunnels of the London underground. They learn that his old enemies, the Yeti have returned and have taken over London. Can he discover what they’re after and stop them?



Fury from the Deep

Air: March 16 1968. 6 eps, all lost.

The crew finds themselves at a gas plant where there is something dark and sinister inhabiting the pipes. It is a creature made entirely of seaweed that is feeding on the gas and bringing people under its influence. Can The Doctor find a way to cut this weed down? Victoria leaves.

The Wheel in Space

Air: April 27 1968. 6 eps, ep 3 and 6 found.

The Doctor and Jamie find themselves on an abandoned spaceship. There they discover that it’s harboring pods containing the tin spacemen themselves. Can The Doctor prevent them from taking over the wheel?

The Dominators

Air: Aug 10 1968. 5 eps.

The Tardis arrives on the docile planet of Dulkis where two dominators are practicing cruel experiments on the Dulcians and planting some sort of device into the planet’s core. Can The Doctor prevent their terrible scheme from happening?


The Mind Robber

Air: Sept 14 1968. 5 eps.

After escaping from Dulkis, the Tardis finds itself literally nowhere, but The Doctor can sense a terrible presence watching them. Suddenly, the Tardis gets destroyed and the crew are scattered to a land of fiction where fictional characters come to life and nothing is as it seems. Can The Doctor find this mysterious master of the land and escape this dimension of fantasies?

The Invasion

Air: Nov 2 1968. 8 eps, ep 1 and 4 lost.

The Tardis lands on earth in need of repairs. But they learn that a mysterious company is secretly in league with an alien invasion force planning to dominate the world. The Doctor meets up with his old friend, Lethbridge-Stewart and together they discover that The Cybermen are planning to invade London and enslave the population. Can The Doctor find a way to stop their invasion force?

The Krotons

Air: Dec 28 1968. 4 eps.

The crew find themselves on a planet where the Gonds live to serve their mysterious leaders, the Krotons. But they soon discover that The Krotons are capturing Gonds with the highest knowledge and draining their minds to power their ship. Can The Doctor save these people?

The Seeds of Death

Air: Jan 25 1969. 6 eps.

The Doctor arrives on earth when space travel is obsolete. He later discovers that his old enemies, The Ice Warriors have arrived to send to earth martian seed pods to wipe out earth’s population and take over. Does he ever take a vacation from this sort of thing? Anyway, it’s up to him to do what he does best.

The Space Pirates

Air: March 8 1969. 6 eps, ep 2 found.

The Tardis team arrives in a galaxy where the federation battles a group of argonite pirates. The Doctor teams up with a retired pilot and together they infiltrate their hideout. But can they take them down? You probably know the answer to that. This story contains the last of the lost episodes.