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The Power of The Daleks

Air: Nov 5 1966. 6 eps, all lost.

The Doctor after collapsing due to his frail body has suddenly changed into a younger man before Polly and Ben’s eyes. They are not sure if he is The Doctor although he knows who he is and them. The Tardis soon lands on the colony driven planet of Vulcan. Where they mistake The Doctor for the examiner for their scientist’s work. What they have discovered is a giant space capsule but what’s inside gives a terrible shock to The Doctor, Daleks! He may have changed but he remembers them and the destruction they cause. The Daleks are brought back to life and tell the colonists that they’re their servants. Can The Doctor convince them that they’re making a really big mistake before The Daleks multiply and revolt?

The Highlanders

Air: Dec 17 1966. 4 eps, all lost.

The Tardis lands in Scotland during The Battle of Culloden. They meet a Scottish family of Jacobite rebels, one of them a young piper named Jamie McCrimmon. They get captured by English soldiers and separated. They soon discover that an English solicitor is illegally capturing rebels and selling them for slave labor. Can The Doctor figure something out to rescue his friends?

The Underwater Menace

Air: Jan 14 1967. 4 eps, ep 2 and 3 found.

The Tardis lands on a deserted isle but they soon get captured and brought deep underground to an ancient thriving civilization. With them is a famed scientist, Professor Zaroff. He explains that they are in none other than the lost city of Atlantis and he has promised them to raise it back to the surface. But what The Doctor discovers is that his true plan is to destroy the whole world by blowing it apart with steam. He’s a MAD scientist actually. So it’s up to the Tardis crew to put this nutty professor out to pasture.

The Moonbase

Air: Feb 11 1967. 4 eps, ep 2 and 4 found.

The Tardis lands on the moon and finds a moonbase. On it is a machine that controls the earth’s weather. They are currently facing a mysterious epidemic. But they later discover that it’s a plot set up by The Doctor’s old enemies, The Cybermen to take over the gravitron and destroy all human life on earth. Can the Doctor stop them?

Doctor Who - Story #033: The Moonbase

The Macra Terror

Air: March 11 1967. 4 eps, all lost.

The crew finds a seemingly happy colony but if anyone mentions that they are seeing strange monsters, they lock them up and wipe their minds. The Doctor finds one man who sees these things and tries to convince everyone, but their mysterious controller has prevented such mention of the word, Macra. The Doctor realizes that this threat has penetrated the very heart of the colony. Can he snap everyone out of this delusion and put an end to this hidden monstrosity?

The Faceless Ones

Air: April 8 1967. 6 eps, ep 1 and 3 found.

The Tardis lands in Gatwick airport where a mysterious airline is picking up young people but they are never heard from again. The Doctor suspects it must be the work of chameleon-like alien beings kidnapping humans and stealing their appearances. Can the Doctor recover the missing people? Ben and Polly leave.

The Evil of The Daleks

Air: May 20 1967. 7 eps, ep 2 is found.

After The Doctor and Jamie find out the Tardis has been stolen, they track it down to an antique shop, where¬† the owner kidnaps the two and brings them a hundred years to the past. He discovers that The Daleks have stolen the Tardis to force The Doctor into isolating the human factor, which they will use to implant it into themselves and become invincible. He reluctantly sets Jamie on a hunt to rescue Waterfield’s daughter, Victoria while he collects his actions and emotions for the human factor. But what are The Daleks really planning and how can The Doctor prevent that from happening?

The Tomb of The Cybermen Air: Sept 2 1967. 4 eps.

The Doctor and his friends arrive on the planet Telos where an expedition is searching for the lost tomb of The Cybermen. Once inside they discover many amazing, but dangerous relics, until they discover the very tombs they are sleeping in. They are awakened from their slumber and declare that all the humans will be a part of them. Can The Doctor put them back into cold storage?

The Abominable Snowmen

Air: Sept 30 1967. 6 eps, ep 2 found.

The Doctor arrives high up in the Himalayas where a Tibetan monastery is being threatened by vicious Yeti. There seems to be a connection between them and the master of the monks. Can The Doctor put a stop to whatever it is these furry creatures are planning?

The Ice Warriors

Air: Nov 11 1967. 6 eps, 2 and 3 lost.

The crew arrives in the future where the world is surviving a second ice age. Deep within the glacier, they find a group of alien beings frozen. Once they thaw out, they plan to regain power to their ship to either return to their planet or worse to conquer this one. Can The Doctor convince the people to stop relying on a computer to make the decisions for them and think for themselves?

Doctor Who - Story #039: The Ice Warriors