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Boom Town

Air: June 4 2005.

The Doctor tracks down a survivor from The Slitheen, Blon Fel Fotch. They capture her and put her under watch. She tries to convince them not to turn herself in to her people. Is it true that she’s reformed, or not?

Bad Wolf

Air: June 11 2005.

The Doctor returns to Satellite 5 where he and his friends are sent to compete in deadly game shows and reality shows. Rose competes on a futuristic version of The Weakest Link while The Doctor competes in a house club reality show. Can they all survive and find out who the real controllers are?

The Parting of the Ways

Air: June 18 2005.

The Doctor discovers that his thought-to-be-deceased foes, The Daleks are the ones behind the deadly media. Their emperor who survived the war has resurrected the entire race. Can The Doctor bring himself to exterminate his foes once and for all, and what is Bad Wolf?