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 Air: March 26 2005.

A young lady named Rose grows bored of her everyday life. She unexpectedly discovers a plot set up by The Autons. When she was cornered, a strange man appears and says, “Run!” He calls himself The Doctor and has been tracking down The Autons. Can Rose trust this mysterious man to save her home from these plastic nightmares?

The End of the World

Air: April 2 2005.

The Doctor takes Rose to the day when the world ended, although everyone left, the earth will be swallowed by the sun. A space station orbiting is hosting a selection of alien ambassadors for this event. The Doctor soon discovers that there is a murderer among them. Can The Doctor save the station before they get caught in the sun’s path?

The Unquiet Dead

Air: April 9 2005.

The Doctor arrives in Victorian era London and meets Charles Dickens himself. He is investigating strange occurrences involving dead bodies coming to life. This is the work of The Gelth, spiritual alien beings possessing the dead to inhabit this realm. Can The Doctor work out a compromise?

Aliens of London

Air: April 16 2005.

A UFO suddenly crashes in London. While they investigate it, suspicious people are gaining control of the prime minister’s office. Can The Doctor stop them before they cause a major crisis?

World War Three

Air: April 23 2005.

The Doctor discovers that The Slitheen, a notorious crime family, are planning on using the prime minister’s hotline to call upon nuclear missiles to start World War III and cash in on the fuel. Can The Doctor put this nasty, naked, brood behind bars?


Air: April 30 2005.

The Doctor arrives at a collector’s museum of alien artifacts. But what The Doctor sees horrifies him, the last surviving Dalek. After no contact with it’s kind after the Time War, it has been inactive, until now. Can The Doctor stop his age old foe’s rampage?

The Long Game

Air: May 7 2005.

The Tardis lands on a space station run by a deadly media company. It got the people to have open ports on their foreheads installed on them to control them all. Can The Doctor shut down this sick little company?

Father’s Day

Air: May 14 2005.

The Doctor take’s Rose to the day her dad died. Foolishly, she prevents his death, which causes Reapers to appear. Her action caused the timeline to become unstable allowing The Reapers to enter this time. Can Rose and her family survive these creatures?

The Empty Child

Air: May 21 2005.

The Doctor tracks down a medical capsule to World War II where he meets Captain Jack Harkness. He discovers a boy wearing a gas mask calling out for his mummy. That boy has contracted an alien virus and has been infecting everybody turning their faces into gas masks which makes them call for their mummy. Can The Doctor find the cause for this virus?

The Doctor Dances

Air: May 28 2005.

The victims of The Empty Child plague are advancing. The girl they met seems to hold some attachment to the boy. Can The Doctor figure out a cure for this mass outbreak before it’s too late?