Archive for The Fourth Doctor 1974-1981

The Seeds of Doom

Air: Jan 31 1976. 6 eps.

The Doctor and Sarah arrive at an antarctic base to safeguard two alien seed pods. A botanist has heard of the pods and ordered two hit men to steal them. The Doctor and Sarah track them to his mansion and they all learn that those pods attach themselves to a host so a Krynoid is born, a galactic living weed that feeds on animals. The Krynoid’s plan is to multiply and overrun the world. Can The Doctor cut this weed down?

The Masque of Mandragora

Air: Sept 4 1976. 4 eps.

The Tardis accidentally gets lost in a dimension called the Mandragora Helix which energy follows them in the Tardis. They later arrive in Italy where the society of Demnos is aiding an evil count to overthrow his nephew. The Mandragora Helix energy soon possesses the Demnos cult and uses them for its own purpose. Can The Doctor prevent Mandragora from “swallowing the moon”?

The Hand of Fear

Air: Oct 2 1976. 4 eps.

The Tardis accidentally lands in a construction site about to detonate. Sarah gets trapped under a rock pile and when they found her she was clutching onto a stone hand with a ring. The ring soon possesses Sarah and she takes the hand to a nuclear power plant to regenerate it with nuclear radiation. What is this strange force that comes from the hand? Sarah leaves.

The Deadly Assassin

Air: Oct 30 1976. 4 eps.

The Doctor is suddenly called to Galifrey to witness the lord president resigning. He feels a terrible presence that something or someone is planning to assassinate the president. It turns out The Doctor’s old arch nemesis, The Master is planning on stealing the relics of Rassilon to gain new life. Can The Doctor stop him before he puts the whole planet at risk?

The Face of Evil

Air: Jan 1 1977. 4 eps.

The Doctor arrives on a planet where the Sevateem tribe worship and fear a god known as Xoannon, whose face resembles The Doctor’s. The Doctor and a warrior named Leela investigate into what Xoannon really is. Can they find out in time before Xoannon’s insane rule goes too far.

The Robots of Death

Air: Jan 29 1977. 4 eps.

The Doctor and Leela arrive on a sandmining vehicle where there are mysterious murders. The Doctor suspects the servant robots may be involved. These robots must have been reprogrammed to murder humans by someone. Can The Doctor find the culprit?

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Air: Feb 26 1977. 6 eps.

The Doctor arrives in Victorian era London where a suspicious Chinese magician is luring women to be fed to the god Weng Chiang. He is searching for a special cabinet that is owned by two showmen. Can The Doctor uncover his true identity and intentions?

Horror of Fang Rock

Air: Sept 3 1977. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands on the shores of Fang Rock. He enters the lighthouse and learns that there are mysterious sabotages. There’s an alien creature within the lighthouse taking the appearance of anyone. Can The Doctor find out what it is?

The Invisible Enemy

Air: Oct 1 1977. 4 eps.

The Tardis is invaded by The Swarm, a space virus that takes control of people. The nucleus has entered The Doctor’s mind and he takes himself to a galactic hospital where a scientist and his canine computer, K9 help him by creating clones of The Doctor and Leela, miniaturizing them and injecting themselves into the real Doctor’s head to erase the nucleus within. Can The Doctor help himself wipe this nasty bug out of his head without getting lost in it first?

Image of The Fendahl

Air: Oct 29 1977. 4 eps.

The Doctor arrives at a priory where scientists are studying a strange skull with a pentagram star etched on it. There are also strange attacks and unexplained phenomena surrounding the skull. The Doctor explains that this is the work of The Fendahl, a creature that feeds on death itself and one of the scientists is connected to it’s powers. Can The Doctor stop this death incarnate creature from rising?