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Dec 28 1974. 4 eps.

The newly regenerated Doctor investigates strange break-ins tied to a think tank division. Sarah discovers that they are holding an experimental robot but are secretly using him to commit crimes and even murders which goes against its programming. Can The Doctor put an end to its crime spree?


The Ark in Space

Air: Jan 25 1975. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands in a seemingly deserted space station but they soon realize that it’s a space colony holding the entire human race. But unbeknownst to everyone, it has become a breeding ground for the space vermin called The Wirrn. Can The Doctor help the crew exterminate these nasty critters?

The Sontarran Experiment Air Feb 25 1975. 2 eps.

The Doctor and friends arrive on earth where two astronauts are being used for torturous experiments by a Sontarran scientist. Can The Doctor liberate them from this insane experimenter?

Genesis of The Daleks

Air: March 8 1975. 6 eps.

The Doctor finds himself back in time on the planet Skaro to the creation of The Daleks where the Time Lords tell him to prevent their birth. The Doctor learns that two opponents, The Kaleds and The Thals are locked in a nuclear war and The Kaled’s chief scientist, Davros is perfecting a new weapon of some sort. Can The Doctor prevent these mechanical nightmares from coming to be, or does he have the right?

Revenge of The Cybermen

Air: April 19 1975. 4 eps.

The Doctor and friends find themselves back on the Space Station Nerva but years ago when it was being attacked by a mysterious virus sent by The Doctor’s old foes, The Cybermen. They plan on destroying the planet of gold, Voga for gold is their most glaring weakness. Can The Doctor foil them once again?

Terror of The Zygons

Aug 30 1975. 4 eps.

The Doctor is called to investigate strange attacks in Scotland. He learns that The Zygons, metamorphic aliens that crashed in Loch Ness centuries ago, are planning on dominating the world. They plan on using The Loch Ness Monster, which is really called The Skaracen, a cyborg beast. Can The Doctor stop these barnacle-bodied buffoons?

Doctor Who - Story #080: Terror of the Zygons

Planet of Evil

Air: Sept 27 1975. 4 eps.

The Doctor and Sarah arrive on a thick eerie planet called Zeta Minor. The Doctor can sense high levels of anti-matter infested around the planet. An exploration team is being threatened by some creature draining the life out of its victims. Can The Doctor convince them that their own scientist may be linked to all this?

Pyramids of Mars

Air: Oct 25 1975. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands at a mansion owned by an archeologist studying the ruins of Sutekh the Destroyer, an Osirian whose kind landed on Earth and became worshiped by the Egyptians. Sutekh has animated the corpse of the archaeologist’s deceased brother to travel to the ruins of Osiris on the planet Mars to liberate himself from his prison. Can The Doctor stop him in time?

The Android Invasion

Air: Nov 22 1975. 4 eps.

The Doctor and Sarah arrive at what looks like an English town but the people there are acting very strange. They soon discover that this isn’t the real earth with real people, they’ve landed on an experimental planet with android replicas of people run by The Kraals who plan to take over earth. Can The Doctor warn the people of earth in time?

The Brain of Morbius

Air: Jan 3 1976. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands on the spooky planet of Karn where a scientist invites the crew in his castle. The Doctor feels an evil presence from within the castle. Sarah discovers that the scientist is working on a body for the brain of a deceased Time Lord criminal, Morbius. Can The Doctor stop this sinister experiment?