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Air: Jan 4 1982. 4 eps.

Adric, Nyssa and Tegan take the newly regenerated Doctor back to the Tardis. While he’s recovering, the Tardis suddenly lands at a strange civilization called Castrovalva. Unbeknownst to him, someone is manipulating the whole place.

Four to Doomsday

Air: Jan 18 1982. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands on a ship piloted by an emissary who claims to be traveling to earth to make peace. He also is holding a group of ancient people from different time periods. But can The Doctor realize that he’s not what he seems and that he’s holding an even sinister plot?


Air: Feb 1 1982. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands on the thick jungle planet of Deva Loka where a scientific expedition is studying the secretive people, The Kinda. When Tegan falls asleep, she finds herself in a dimension where an evil spirit takes hold of her. Can The Doctor help The Kinda defeat this spirit?

The Visitation

Air: Feb 15 1982. 4 eps.

The Tardis arrives at 17th century London where there are reports of a plague infecting the people. He soon learns that Terileptils, reptilian criminals, have landed there to hide from their captors. Can The Doctor stop these lounge lizards?

Black Orchid

Air: March 1 1982. 2 eps.

The Doctor is invited to a wedding party in the 1920s. But behind the scenes, there is a mysterious murderer on the loose. Can The Doctor identify this killer?


Air: March 8 1982. 4 eps.

The Doctor arrives at a place where soldiers are hunting killer androids. He soon learns that The Cybermen are planning on disrupting a peace conference. Can The Doctor foil them once again, or can Adric?


Air: March 22 1982. 4 eps.

Concord jets are mysteriously disappearing. The Doctor traces them to another dimension where a sorcerer is stealing the components for some purpose. Can The Doctor rescue the passengers and find out what this sorcerer is planning?

Arc of Infinity

Air: Jan 3 1983. 4 eps.

The Doctor is suddenly called by his people only to be arrested because Omega has returned and is trying to steal The Doctor’s bio-data to escape from his anti-matter world so The Time Lords have declared to execute The Doctor to prevent that. Can The Doctor convince them of another way and prevent his old foe from returning?


Air: Jan 18 1983. 4 eps.

Tegan is having nightmares about a certain creature they dealt with. When they land, The Mara possesses her and sets out to find a crystal that collects people’s fears of it so it will rise again. Can The Doctor hang this snake out to dry?

Mawdryn Undead

Air: Feb 1 1983. 4 eps.

The first chapter of The Black Guardian Trilogy. A young man named Turlough is suddenly contacted by The Black Guardian who offers him to return to his home planet in exchange for assassinating The Doctor. The Doctor meets him and together they discover a hidden spaceship full of scientists who are suffering from perpetual regeneration. Their leader Mawdryn has a plan on stealing The Doctor’s remaining lives and giving them to themselves. Can The Doctor stop them before he’s out of lives himself?