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The Lodger

Air: June 12 2010.

With The Doctor stuck on earth away from the Tardis, he is forced to lodge in someone’s flat. While there, he discovers something odd about the second floor of Craig’s flat. Can he find out why people go up but never come down?

The Pandorica opens

Air: June 19 2010.

The Doctor is still baffled by the time cracks.He finds the legendary Pandorica hidden in Stonehenge. Once he trips it off, all his enemies will be coming to claim it. Can The Doctor find out the secret of it, or is this a trap?

The Big Bang

Air: June 26 2010.

The Doctor has been hoodwinked and trapped in the Pandorica. Since then, all stars have been wiped from existence, but little Amy still believes. Is there nothing anyone can do to save The Doctor and reboot the universe?

A Christmas Carol

Air: Dec 25 2010.

An airplane is falling near Sardicktown, a city run by an aged miser. The Doctor tries to convince him to save them but the guy’s a real Scrooge. Can The Doctor show the past version of him that Christmas is a time of joy and happiness?

The Impossible Astronaut

Air: April 23 2011.

The Doctor has invited his friends to America to a certain lake. A mysterious astronaut appears and kills The Doctor. After his death he suddenly reappears, Amy knows that he’s The Doctor from the present and the one who died was the future him. They soon travel to 1969, the year astronauts reached the moon. There are mysterious aliens lurking everywhere. Can The Doctor uncover the truth about The Silence?

Day of the Moon

Air: April 30 2011.

The Silence have been manipulating humanity for a long time and plan to use the lift off telecast for their own intentions. Can the crew defeat them all without forgetting anything?

The Curse of the Black Spot

Air: May 7 2011.

The Tardis lands on a ship being threatened by a siren capturing wounded sailors. If anyone even gets a scratch, she lures people with her song and takes them away. Can The Doctor solve this sea mystery?

The Doctor’s Wife

Air: May 14 2011.

The Tardis lands on the outside of the Universe, a junkyard of junkyards. There the Tardis suddenly loses power and a strange woman clings to The Doctor. They learn that an entity, House, has been holding a Time Lord trap capturing Tardises. Can The Doctor and his Tardis trapped in a woman’s body save Amy and Rory?

The Rebel Flesh

Air: May 21 2011.

The Doctor arrives at a gas refinery where workers create flesh avatars of themselves to work the dangerous tapping. After a massive storm, their flesh avatars have gained their own consciences. Can The Doctor stop this conflict for control?

The Almost People

Air: May 28 2011.

A flesh clone of The Doctor has been created. Can the two Doctors work out a truce between the humans and their flesh counterparts? Or is there an even greater threat encroaching?