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The Eleventh Hour

Air: April 3 2010.

The Doctor crash lands in a girls backyard and discovers a crack in her wall. Many years later, that same girl, Amy Pond finally sees him again¬†and discovers she’s been living with a wanted alien criminal since she met The Doctor. Can The Doctor capture the criminal and convince The Atraxi to spare earth?

The Beast Below

Air: April 10 2010.

The Doctor takes Amy to Starship UK. A strangely mobile spaceship with no engines. The Doctor discovers people being sent to the bowels of the ship for some reason. Can he discover the truth, and if he does, would he regret it?

Victory of The Daleks

Air: April 17 2010.

The Doctor is contacted by Winston Churchill to aid them in his war. The Doctor is horrified that his new creations, ironsides are Daleks. They believe that they’re created to serve them but can The Doctor reveal their true intentions?

The Time of Angels

Air: April 24 2010.

The Doctor meets up with River Song again and learn that she and her crew are tracking a hoard of Weeping Angels. Can The Doctor and Amy stop those stone devils without blinking?

Felsh and Stone

Air: May 1 2010.

The team tracks down the angels in an oxygen making forest where any statue there could be an angel. What The Doctor finds there is another similar looking crack. He finds out it’s a crack in time that sucks up time and matter. Can The Doctor stop the angels while fixing the crack?

The Vampires of Venice

Air: May 8 2010.

The Doctor arrives at Venice where a strange sisterhood is causing terror. They are Saturnynes, vampiric fish breeding a whole swarm. Can The Doctor hang these fish out to dry?

Amy’s Choice

Air: May 15 2010.

The Tardis receives an uninvited guest, a mysterious man called The Dream Lord who places the crew in a game. If they survive they live, if not, boom, they’re gone. Can The Doctor, Amy, and Rory survive this mind game?

The Hungry Earth

Air: May 22 2010.

The Doctor arrives at a plant where people are drilling into the earth’s crust. Once they do, they receive a strange invasion by reptilian creatures living below. Can The Doctor figure out who they are and why they’ve come?

Cold Blood

Air: May 29 2010.

The Doctor’s old enemies, The Silurians have been disturbed from their slumber due to the drilling. They are preparing for a full scale assault on the surface. Can The Doctor convince them not to?

Vincent and The Doctor

Air: June 5 2010.

The Doctor discovers something odd in a painting by Vincent van Gogh. He travels to his time and learns there are mysterious murders surrounding him. Can The Doctor and he find out what this creature is?