Archive for The First Doctor 1963-1966

The Rescue

Air: Jan. 2 1965. 2 eps.

The Tardis lands on the planet Dido, where a shipwreck containing a girl is being held captive by a monster called, Koquillion. Can the crew rescue her from his sinister clutches?

The Romans

Air: Jan 16 1965. 4 eps.

The Tardis arrives at ancient Rome where the crew takes a nice deserved holiday. But it ended when Ian and Barbara were taken for slave labor. The Doctor was soon brought to Caesar Nero to play for him. Can he escape from him and rescue his companions at the same time?

The Web Planet

Air: Feb 13 1965. 6 eps.

The Tardis is suddenly captured by an evil mysterious force on the insect planet of Vortis. The Menoptera are locked in a war between The Zarbi and their leader, The Animus. Can the Tardis crew assist them to defeat their foes before their entire world is overcome by the Animus’ web of evil?

The Crusade

Air: March 27 1965. 4 eps, 2 and 4 lost.

The Tardis appears in Jaffa, the holy lands during the Crusade. Barbara has been captured by Saracens and taken to Saphadin. The Doctor, Ian, and Vicki have to convince King Richard The Lionheart to rescue her before she is done in by El Akir.

The Space Museum

Air: April 24 1965. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands on a new planet but something feels off. They don’t leave footprints, they’re invisible to the people and they find themselves as living exhibits in the museum. Once they understand the outcome of this venture, can they manage to prevent this horrible fate?

The Chase

Air: May 22 1965. 6 eps.

The Daleks are still sore about The Doctor foiling their plans for conquest of the earth and have placed an assassin squad for the Tardis crew. The Doctor will have to give chase across different time periods. But can they truly be rid of them? Ian and Barbara leave.

The Time Meddler

Air: July 3 1965. 4 eps.

The Doctor with his new companion Steven land in Northumbria in 1066. While they explore they are being watched by a suspicious monk. Steven and Vicki find objects that don’t belong in this era like a watch, a cannon and a toaster. Meanwhile the monk is expecting a viking invasion. What the two companions discover what the monk is hiding is a Tardis. So the monk is a time traveler rewriting and mixing up history. Can The Doctor put an end to his meddling?

Galaxy Four

Air: Sept 11 1965. 4 eps, ep. 3 found.

The Tardis lands on an unstable planet that’s about to explode. On it are two alien factions, the beautiful but savage Drahvins, and the disgusting yet mysterious Rills. Can The Doctor decide which of them should go free before the planet’s destruction?

Mission to the Unknown

Air: Oct 9 1965. 1 ep, lost.

The only one-episode story without The Doctor. On the distant planet of Kembel, a patrol is sent to uncover a secret meeting arranged by The Daleks. An alliance between different planets for conquest of the universe. Can the patrol warn the authorities in time? This episode is actually a prologue for an upcoming story.

The Myth Makers

Air: Oct 16 1965. 4 eps, all lost.

The Tardis lands in Troy during the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. The Tardis has been taken before the royal family of Troy and The Doctor has been mistaken for Zeus. Should he reveal the Trojan horse scheme to them and save his crew and ship in time? Vicki leaves.