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An Unearthly Child

Air: Nov 23 1963. 4 eps.

The very first serial. Two teachers, Ian and Barbara, wonder what is up with Susan Foreman, a girl who seems to know just about everything. When they follow her, she seems to live in a junkyard. There they spot a strange blue box and an old man. But once they enter in the box, they realize it’s bigger on the inside than the outside.They learn that Susan and her grandfather, The Doctor, are travelers through time and space. But now that the two teachers know their secret, he can’t let them go. The take off lever was pulled and the Tardis takes them back a million years. Where savage cavemen are in desperate need of fire. Will The Doctor and his crew help them?

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The Daleks

Air: Dec 21 1963 7 eps.

The Tardis lands in a desolate wasteland of a planet. When they visit the city, they come face to face with the most hideous, diabolical creatures in the whole universe, The Daleks. Can they help the friendly Thals overcome their foes?


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The Edge of Destruction

Air: Feb. 8 1964. 2 eps.

After an accident with the Tardis, the crew finds themselves lost in thought and paranoia rising among each other. They later find out that the Tardis is standing on the verge of doom and so are they unless they do something about it.



Marco Polo

Air: Feb. 22 1964. 7 eps., all lost

The Tardis lands in the Himalayas where they meet a traveling band of Mongols led by Marco Polo. He decides to give to Kublai Khan the Tardis as a gift. Can The Doctor and his crew convince him to change his mind? Meanwhile, there is a sinister spy within planning to bring about the fall of the Khan.

This serial is the first of a line of lost Doctor Who episodes. In England, they wiped their own TV shows. However, the audio survived and is available through audio CDs. Or you can watch reconstructions of them made with the audio and photos and surviving footage made by fans online.



The Keys of Marinus Air: April 11 1964. 6 eps.

The Tardis lands in a deserted island surrounded by a sea of acid. They learn that Marinus has been taken over by The Voord and it’s up to them to recover the four micro keys to power their justice machine.

The Aztecs

Air: May 23 1964. 4 eps.

The Tardis lands in Mexico Aztec times where Barbara is mistaken for a reincarnated priest. She sees this as her chance to change the Aztecs away from their barbaric ways but The Doctor warns her not to. “You cannot rewrite history, not one line,” he says.

The Sensorites

Air: June 20 1964, 6 eps.

The Tardis lands in a spaceship under the tyranny of The Sensorites, psychic beings who are in a terrible crisis. Can The Doctor help them solve the mystery of their strange illness?

The Reign of Terror

Air: Aug. 8 1964. 6 eps., 4 and 5 lost.

The Tardis lands in France in the 18th century, better known as the French Revolution. They are all separated by the conflict, The Doctor posing as a French citizen, Ian in jail trying to find a certain man, and Susan and Barbara on their way towards the guillotine. Can The Doctor save them all?

Planet of Giants

Air: Oct. 31 1964. 3 eps.

After a slight accident in the Tardis, the crew are shocked to discover that they’ve been miniaturized to 3 inches. They find themselves in a garden of a house belonging to a devious man planning on manufacturing a dangerous harmful pesticide. Can they stop him and return to normal size in time?

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Air: Nov. 21 1964. 6 eps.

The Tardis lands back on earth but at the wrong time, a thousand years in the future where The Daleks have taken over. Can the Tardis crew help the resistance overcome them? Susan’s last appearance.