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Deep Breath   Air: August 23 2014.

The new Doctor and Clara after an unpleasant experience with a dinosaur land in old London where while The Doctor tries to regain his marbles, there are mysterious disappearances involving victims with their organs stolen. Can the new Doctor pull himself together to solve this while Clara tries to decide whether she can trust this new Doctor?

Into the Dalek Air: August 30 2014.

The Doctor arrives on a space station in need of a doctor. But their patient is the last person he’d ever think about treating, a Dalek! They require him to venture to the most dangerous place in the universe, the mind of a Dalek, where they will try to cure him of his madness. Can The Doctor pull it off and what will happen if he does?

Robot of Sherwood

Air: Sept. 6 2014.

For the first time, The Doctor meets the one person he never thought he’d meet, Robin Hood! He doesn’t believe he’s real since he’s supposed to be a fictional character. But he’s not the only one, The Sheriff of Nottingham has an army of robot soldiers taxing the whole village. There must be more to this strange legend twist.


 Air: Sept. 13 2014.

“Listen”, the name of The Doctor’s theory he’s been trying to decipher for ages. Could there really be someone hiding under your bed? The Doctor and Clara try to figure out the meaning of this by traveling to various times. Can he really capture this particular boogeyman?

Time Heist Air: Sept. 20 2014.

The Doctor and Clara have been brought together with two criminals to forcibly rob the most impregnable bank in the galaxy. Their mysterious host wishes for them to infiltrate a secure vault while avoiding the deadly security and The Teller, an alien that feeds on brainwaves. Can they reach the vault before their brains are turned to soup?

The Caretaker Air: Sept. 27 2014.

Curious about Clara’s behavior, The Doctor decides to play the part of her school’s caretaker. Clara thinks he’s being a nosey parker but he’s really investigating an alien war machine lurking around her school and is trying to stop it before it destroys all life.

Kill the Moon

 Air: Oct. 4 2014.

The Doctor takes Clara and her mischievous student Courtney to the moon where there appears to be gravity. This sudden gravity is causing disasters on earth and a team has been dispatched to intentionally annihilate it. But there seem to be creatures infesting on it and they soon discover the shocking truth about the moon they’re on. Can they make the decision of putting an end to the moon or not?

Mummy on The Orient Express

 Air: Oct. 11 2014.

The Orient Express, in space, the first version to be brought to space. But true to its reputation, there has been murders involving a mummy no one can see except the victims. Their host has captured scientists, professors and The Doctor to investigate this creature. Can they solve this mummified mystery?

Flatline Air: Oct. 18 2014.

The Doctor landing in Bristol discovers something very un-ordinary, The Tardis has gotten a wee bit smaller! He suspects that its dimensional energy has been sapped by something. This something happens to be 2 dimensional creatures who’ve been capturing people and studying their dimensions. Can The Doctor take these flatsos down flat?

In the Forest of the Night Air: Oct. 26 2014.

The Doctor lands in the middle of London and to his surprise finds it covered with a huge forest that came out of nowhere. He along with Clara’s class have to figure out the meaning of this sudden growth spurt.