Archive for Companions

Susan Foreman

Played by: Carol Ann Ford

The Doctor’s granddaughter. A strange over-intelligent student that grabbed the curiosity of two of her teachers which led them to an odyssey throughout time. Always relies on her grandfather. Last seen in the future earth after the fall of The Daleks. The Doctor left her to be with her boyfriend to start her own life there.

Ian Chesterton

Played by: William Russel

A science teacher who used to always think by the books, until he met Susan and The Doctor. Now he along with Barbara are on a trip across space trying to get back home. He and Barbara were safely returned to their home in 1963.

Barbara Wright

Played by: Jacqueline Hill

A history teacher who always loves the events that happened throughout. But when she stumbles into the Tardis, she gets the chance to witness them all firsthand. She along with Ian finally made it back to their own time and place.


Played by Maureen O’Brian

A girl from the future rescued by The Doctor. Knows a lot about things that no one else has ever known. She was left in ancient Troy to start a new life as Cressida.

Steven Taylor

Played by: Peter Purves

A young man found marooned on a forgotten planet. Sometimes gets in trouble but The Doctor always helps him out. Last seen becoming the new leader of a group of elders and savages.


Played by: Adrienne Hill

A servant girl to Cassandra of Troy. During the siege on Troy, she was accidentally stumbled onto the Tardis. However, her life as a companion was short lived, as she sacrificed herself to save the crew.

Sara Kingdom

Played by Jean Marsh

A soldier trained to follow orders with no question. Ordered to track down The Doctor and Steven. But soon discovers The Daleks true intentions. In the end, she was aged to death by The Dalek’s time destructor.

Dodo Chaplet

Played by Jackie Lane

A young earth girl who enters the Tardis by accident. Spirited, curious, and spunky. Last seen returning home after an invasion by war machines.


Played by Anneke Wills

A young woman who along with Ben stumble upon the Tardis after The Doctor saves London from Wotan and his war machines. Last seen returning home with Ben.

Ben Jackson

Played by: Michael Craze

A young sailor who discovers a plot by an evil supercomputer. Accidentally enters the Tardis with Polly. Last seen leaving The Doctor with Polly after their venture with The Chameleons.