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Dark Water Air: Nov. 1 2014.

Danny Pink, Clara’s boyfriend, has died. The Doctor decides to take her to the place where all people come to die, a strange mausoleum with x-ray water-filled tombs. Their host, a strange woman, holds a machine that holds the minds of the dead. Who is this woman and what is she really hiding?

Death in Heaven,P20Shot,P202014-11-08,P20at,P2011_31_53,P20PM.png.pagespeed.ic.ZQaFRy4xai.png Air: Nov. 8 2014.

The Doctor’s ageless sworn nemesis has returned with another deranged plot involving Cybermen and the dead. Can he think of something to stop the dead from rising and put an end to his/her madness?

Susan Foreman

Played by: Carol Ann Ford

The Doctor’s granddaughter. A strange over-intelligent student that grabbed the curiosity of two of her teachers which led them to an odyssey throughout time. Always relies on her grandfather. Last seen in the future earth after the fall of The Daleks. The Doctor left her to be with her boyfriend to start her own life there.


The most hated, vile, heartless, twisted beings in the universe. They hate everything unlike themselves. They may look like robots on the outside, but on the inside lies a putrid, rancid, writhing creature. The Doctor first met them on their home planet Skaro. He meets them on many occasions, conquering earth, the universe, exterminating inferior beings to them, even conquering the whole of time. They never rest until they exterminated the one person they hate more than anything. Their main phrase that explains their whole way of life is, EXTERMINATE.

Supreme Dalek

The Emperor Dalek, from The Evil of The Daleks

Very first Daleks from Genesis of The Daleks.

Imperial Daleks fighting against the renegade Daleks, from Remembrance of The Daleks.

Post- time war Dalek from the new series.

The emperor, survivor of the time war, from The Parting of the Ways.

The new, restored Daleks, from Victory of the Daleks.

The First Doctor

Played by: William Hartnell 1963-1966

Biography: The one that started it all. He was first identified as a mysterious old man living in a blue police telephone box with his granddaughter.  Not much is known about him first, but what he is is an ageless being called a Time Lord. He wanders throughout time and space righting wrongs and avoiding danger.

Personality: Stubborn mostly, but a pure genius when it comes to dangerous situations like escaping the wrath of his most deadly enemies of all, The Daleks. Is a good grandfather to his granddaughter, Susan. Always gets Ian’s last name wrong, ex: Chatterton, Chesterfield, Chesterson. Never one for hard labor.

Opening title sequence.

Tribute with clips and theme.

Whenever a Time Lord dies, he undergoes a process called Regeneration. The cells in his body causes him to reincarnate into a different person. A Time Lord has only thirteen lives.

Regeneration scene from The Tenth Planet.

An Unearthly Child

Air: Nov 23 1963. 4 eps.

The very first serial. Two teachers, Ian and Barbara, wonder what is up with Susan Foreman, a girl who seems to know just about everything. When they follow her, she seems to live in a junkyard. There they spot a strange blue box and an old man. But once they enter in the box, they realize it’s bigger on the inside than the outside.They learn that Susan and her grandfather, The Doctor, are travelers through time and space. But now that the two teachers know their secret, he can’t let them go. The take off lever was pulled and the Tardis takes them back a million years. Where savage cavemen are in desperate need of fire. Will The Doctor and his crew help them?

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First Cybermen from The Tenth Planet

Cybernetic, robotic humans reconstructed to survive beyond the limits of human capacity. But the one thing taken from them is emotions, which they call insignificant. They travel throughout the cosmos deleting and destroying anything they call threatening to their survival. They originally came from the planet Mondas but was destroyed.

from The Moonbase

Cyber-controller from The Tomb of The Cybermen

from The Wheel in Space

from The Invasion



from Revenge of The Cybermen

from The Five Doctors

from Silver Nemesis

The Cybermen from the new series come from a London parallel to ours. They were created by a mad scientist to upgrade the human race.

Cyberking from The Next Doctor

From Nightmare in Silver

The Daleks

Air: Dec 21 1963 7 eps.

The Tardis lands in a desolate wasteland of a planet. When they visit the city, they come face to face with the most hideous, diabolical creatures in the whole universe, The Daleks. Can they help the friendly Thals overcome their foes?


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Ian Chesterton

Played by: William Russel

A science teacher who used to always think by the books, until he met Susan and The Doctor. Now he along with Barbara are on a trip across space trying to get back home. He and Barbara were safely returned to their home in 1963.

The Master

The Doctor’s Moriarty. An evil time lord bent on power and conquest but The Doctor constantly hinders his plans. He is also a hypnotist.

In The Deadly Assassin, The Master returns in a degenerated state, ran out of lives. Tried to steal the relics of Rassilon and activate The eye of harmony to gain new life.

Manages to posses to body of Nyssa’s father.

After The Master’s execution, his remains were sent to The Doctor. After The Doctor crash landed in San Francisco, 1999, he soon possesses another body. He plans on activating the eye of harmony giving him power.

It’s discovered that The Master deserted the Time Lords during the war and escaped to the end of the universe itself. He regained his memories and regenerated. The reason why he’s diabolically insane is because when he was a child, all Galifreyan children are meant to gaze upon the time vortex, but when he did, his head became filled with the sound of never-ending drums which drove him mad. He eventually became prime minister of all England. After a year, Martha brought the entire world to rise against him freeing The Doctor. The Master was shot but he chose not to regenerate. He was cremated by the only other of his kind.

At the end of the Tenth Doctor era, he returns more insane than ever, he planed on implanting into the earth’s population his entire madness and malice, the human race became The Master Race, clones of himself.

He returns regenerated into a woman calling himself/herself Missy, short for mistress. Dangerously insane as the last time he left him. Only this time, she has developed deranged feminine tendencies as she loves The Doctor while hating him at the same time.