The First Doctor

Played by: William Hartnell 1963-1966

Biography: The one that started it all. He was first identified as a mysterious old man living in a blue police telephone box with his granddaughter.  Not much is known about him first, but what he is is an ageless being called a Time Lord. He wanders throughout time and space righting wrongs and avoiding danger.

Personality: Stubborn mostly, but a pure genius when it comes to dangerous situations like escaping the wrath of his most deadly enemies of all, The Daleks. Is a good grandfather to his granddaughter, Susan. Always gets Ian’s last name wrong, ex: Chatterton, Chesterfield, Chesterson. Never one for hard labor.

Opening title sequence.

Tribute with clips and theme.

Whenever a Time Lord dies, he undergoes a process called Regeneration. The cells in his body causes him to reincarnate into a different person. A Time Lord has only thirteen lives.

Regeneration scene from The Tenth Planet.

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