The most hated, vile, heartless, twisted beings in the universe. They hate everything unlike themselves. They may look like robots on the outside, but on the inside lies a putrid, rancid, writhing creature. The Doctor first met them on their home planet Skaro. He meets them on many occasions, conquering earth, the universe, exterminating inferior beings to them, even conquering the whole of time. They never rest until they exterminated the one person they hate more than anything. Their main phrase that explains their whole way of life is, EXTERMINATE.

Supreme Dalek

The Emperor Dalek, from The Evil of The Daleks

Very first Daleks from Genesis of The Daleks.

Imperial Daleks fighting against the renegade Daleks, from Remembrance of The Daleks.

Post- time war Dalek from the new series.

The emperor, survivor of the time war, from The Parting of the Ways.

The new, restored Daleks, from Victory of the Daleks.

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